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Non Private Residental Property




Local Government (Charges) Act 2009

Cork County Council


The N.P.P.R. (Non-Principal Private Residence) charge is a tax payable on all on Non-Principal Private Residences situated in the State ( Republic of Ireland ).


Property which is deemed by the owner as being unsuitable for use as a dwelling





Under the Act, the charge applies to all residential property “used, or suitable for use, as a dwelling”. This includes any house, maisonette, flat or apartment (including a bedsit).


Where a property owner deems their property to be unsuitable for use as a dwelling, such properties are not liable for the charge as the property should not be regarded as a dwelling within the meaning of the Act. If the property is occupied on the liability date, it is liable for the charge.


In determining if the property is suitable for use as a dwelling, the owner must consider whether the property is habitable or not by reference to the structure of the building.


•  Does the property have a sound roof?

•  Is it so affected by dampness as to render it unsuitable for habitation?

•  Does it have sanitary facilities?

•  Does it have a water supply? A water supply that is simply turned off or temporarily disconnected would still be available for use and this in itself would not render a dwelling uninhabitable.

•  Does it have doors and windows?

•  Does it have an electricity supply connected? If not, when was the electricity last connected to the property?


In order to deem a property unsuitable for use as a dwelling, it would have to meet a number of the above criteria.


Where an owner determines their property is not “suitable for use” as a dwelling, it is strongly recommended the owner should retain on file sufficient documentation to enable him/her to prove non-liability on the liability date. Proofs would include dated photographs, a builders' or engineers' report outlining condition of property etc.

The owner will be required to produce this proof when selling or transferring the property on a future date; if audited by the Council in relation to the charge; or if pursued for non-payment by the Council at a future date.


Proof will be required on the liability date for each year the charge is due. The liability date for 2009 was 31 st July 2009. For 2010 and subsequent years the liability date is 31 st March.


The Council WILL NOT be issuing any clearance letter/certificate to the owner to confirm the property is not liable for the charge as it is for owners themselves to determine their liability. If it transpires that the owner falsely determines the property as exempt from the charge, then the NPPR charge, penalties and fines will apply. The unpaid charge remains as a charge on the property for a period of 12 years.


Mizen Head Visitor Centre

At "The Four Seasons Hotel" Dublin on November the 4th 2011 the new Mizen Footbridge won the overall project of the year 2011 in the " Engineering Excellence Awards of Ireland". This project was a huge undertaking and the co-operation between the different agencies involved must be applauded. I wish to acknowledge the input of the following;

Cork County Council. Martin O'Riordan County Manager, Noel O'Keeffe County Engineer, Brendan Minihane Council Engineer, The staff at Corporate Affairs.

Commissioners of Irish Lights: Eoghan Lehane & his team.

Failte Ireland: Fiona Buckley & her team.

Construction Team: Kevin Power, Kieran Ruane, Ross O'Donovan in RPS.

Carillion & Irishenko:Murt Coleman & Enda Collery.

Mizen Tourism Co-op. Stephen O'Sullivan and his team who run the venture.

Further plans are presently being formulated to enhance the "Mizen Expierence". [Posted: 16/11/11]


Minister Phil Hogan signed the Planning and Development (Ammendment) (No2) regulations into law on September 8th this year (2011) to amend present legislation in this area.

The Department of the Envoirnment, Community and Local government is continually considering ways of atreamlining the planning framework by removing unnecessary regulatory burdens. The Government is conscious of the current economic situation, with every euro counting more so than ever. With this in mind the new Planning and Development (Ammendment)(No2) Regulations 2011 include a reduction in the licence fee for all fingerpost signs from €630 to €50.

This is a small but nonetheless very important new regulation which will hopefully have a knock on effect for the tourism industry. In the current economic climate we need to reduce costs to providers who in turn can pass on the reduction in costs to the end users.

The Regulations also include an expansion of a current exemption for advertisments for temporary sinage for local events to include advertisments for rvents carried out for commercial purposes. This now means that local events, like wedding fares or other temporary commercial ventures can avail of the oppurtunity to erect temporary direction signs to the event up to 7 days before the event is due to take place and up to 3 days after it has concluded. [Posted 16/11/11]


On February 15th at the Committee meeting in Clonakilty I proposed that the cost of hedge cutting in West Cork for 2010 be made available to us out of the money collected on second homes [€200- tax] "NPPR"

FULL COUNCIL 22 02 2010

Just when I had hoped that things might just get a little bit better, I was informed on Monday 22nd that this years funding from the NRA {National Roads Authority} to the whole county has yet agin been reduced from last years figure of €63m to €36m this year. All we have been allocated for works on the N71 [our only national secondary road] - which starts at the County bounds at the tunnels and winds its way eastwards overBarr na Gaoithe to the bridge at Ballydehob and the east to a point just west of the Abbey - is a paltry €20,000.00. Some may claim that the NRA are an independent body they take their orders from the government of the day. We are a costal region that depends on tourism being able to access us, and any industries we have left being able to get thier produce to the market place, and I live in the hope, and continually strive to attract new investmernt to the area, but without a decent road network it is not an attractive proposition to nay aspiring investor. The €20,000.00 which is allocated for remedial works outside Bantry was also allocated last year but did not filter down. I was told by our county engineer that all specific allocations will be put into one pot and only the most urgent works will then be undertaken. So it is possible that no money will be spent this year in the Bantry Electoral area, Minister Dempsey needs to holiday in west Cork to realise our plight.


Following my motion calling for the dredging of the "Ilen River from Aughaville to Skibbereen" and the "Bandon River from Dunmanway to the sea" I was informed that the council will not be in a position to start removing trees etc from any rivers until May in case they interfere with trout and salmon spawning beds. This I can accept but I underlined that the work is of the highest priority. My understanding is that there are monies available from Europe which would allow us to put in place schemes such as the old "Arterial water scheme" which would allow us to take people off the live register by offering them employment cleaning all streams/rivers etc in the county. I am led to believe that this request has been passed on. I will keep you posted. Posted 24/2/2010

FULL COUNCIL 08/ 03/ 2010

All five councillor's within the Bantry Area agreed as a show of solidarity with the Special Scenic Landscape committee, to stay out from this meeting. whilst buisness was conducted I will have to wait for the minutes to report. Posted 13/3/10.


  “In view of the crisis in which we currently find ourselves, that this Council request   the Minister of Education to liaise with his counterparts at cabinet table to allow our   Medical Graduates work in our Hospitals & Medical Centres, and also all other skilled disciplines in respective workplaces, thus allowing them the opportunity of gaining valuable work experience which will be required of them when applying for future positions”.


The Manager said there is an opportunity to train people in certain skills. He said that the Council has gone through a process of letting go a lot of temporary staff and he would be in favour of a Graduate Training Scheme, which ideally would be funded by FAS, who would also provide the trainees. He said that each graduate should have a training log for them to show that they are receiving valid training and that it would need to be a structured work experience.

The Manager gave a very positive response to my motion. I will be working with him to get such schemes up and running as quickly as possible.... Posted 08/06/2010







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