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The unprecedented spell of bad weather which we in West Cork, especially the Bantry electoral area have suffered has wreaked havoc and destruction on our road network. As you are all aware the Council's annual grant from central government has again been drastically reduced this year. Income from planning contributions [the charges applied to each individual planning permisiion] are way down. This revenue to the Council has not been replaced, and it was from this source of revenue that projects such as the "Bog road" between Durrus and Bantry would be allocated the funding to enable an upgrade take place. This is just one example of an area, and ther are many, which I have been calling for immediate funding to be made available as a matter of urgency, as it is a feeder artery from the N71 to the "Sheepshead" & "Mizen" peninsulas. The battle continues................


The N71 has suffered badly. However this is not under the jurastiction of the County Council. The "NRA" [the national road's authority] have charge of this roadway. They decide how much money is to be spent and where. Another example of beaurocricty gone mad. It is time to bring the power back to the local areas and the Local engineers & workmen who are most familar with their areas. €1.7 million was recently granted to West Cork to cover from Clonakilty to the Dursey Sound including the three peninsulas and their hinderlands. This was made under the flood allievation. Presently their is another submission made under the frost allievation and we await the outcome of this. I will keep you posted. My sincere thanks to the out door staff for their trojan efforts during the crisis. See Council News for update 24/02/2010

Motions onroads February 2010 and their responses:

•  That a report on the condition of the sea wall from Durrus pier to Ahakista pier be provided, and that immediate request be made for funding to be allocated for renewing and replacing same where required.


The Meetings Administrator read the following report of the Senior Executive Engineer Bantry to the meeting:


A report was previously carried out by Pat Twohig, Health and Safety Consultant, on the sea wall from Durrus pier to Ahakista pier. A section of crash barrier was erected at Brahlish Cross along this route and should further funding become available additional sections of crash barrier could be erected and repairs carried out to the sea wall where necessary.

•  That a special request for funding be made to immediately repair the Bog Road between Durrus and Bantry which is the main feeder artery from the N71 to the Sheeps Head and Mizen Peninsulas , and whose condition is deteriorating at an alarming rate.


The Meetings Administrator read the following report of the Senior Executive Engineer Bantry to the meeting:


We would greatly welcome funding for carrying out necessary repair works to the Bog Road we have looked for funding from different sources but have been unsuccessful to date. In the event that we do receive funding we would be more than willing to carry out the works. We acknowledge that the works are necessary and that this is a heavily trafficked, important road serving both the Sheep's Head and Mixen Peninsulas .


Cllr Sheehan stated that the condition of this road was getting worse and was becoming a Health and Safety issue The Senior Engineer stated that

the cost of the works would be in excess of €0.5m.


On the proposal of Cllr Sheehan, it was agreed that the Area Committee make every effort to secure funding for this project.








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